How long does it take for results to appear in treatment?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on you.  The answer to this question may seem a little vague at first but let me explain this to you the three main reasons for this answer;

  1. It depends on how strictly you follow the instructions of the prescription.  We are all human and we can all slip up! However it is best to stick to the prescription be it a tincture or tea as much as you can.  This allows the prescription to have its maximum effect.  If you find this hard, contact your herbalist and see if there is an alternative way.
  2. Is it a chronic or acute condition? If you have had a condition for a long period and if it is severe, it may take a longer time to see results.  For some people this can mean that it takes half the amount of time they have had the condition.
  3. You are an individual.  Some people say that they can see a result within a few days.  For others it takes a longer and there are times when a prescription needs to be slightly refined.

There are so many herbal remedies already available in the shops and online, why do I need to consult a medical herbalist?

The use of over-the-counter and online herbal remedies’ quality and content will vary considerably and without professional guidance may not be as effective. The dose and also their formulation, do not take into consideration an individual’s needs such as their current state of health, medical history, if they are taking prescribed medications, suffer from other medical conditions (e.g. heart problems or diabetes), pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Some herbs and herbal remedies can interfere with medication, even the contraceptive pill.  Therefore, self-prescribing herbal remedies may pose serious risks. Qualified medical herbalists are highly trained to be aware of all of these risks and prescribe safely.

Many herbs and herbal extracts due to their pharmacological and biochemical active compounds are only licensed for use by registered and qualified practitioners.  So to get a remedy that will be most effect for your condition, you may need a qualified practitioner to avail of these types of herbs and herbal extracts.

Another reason to consult a medical herbalist is that they will foremost try to understand the root cause of the problem and will put together a short term and long term plan to treat you.  Taking a herb or herbal remedy can sometimes be only part of the required treatment.  In fact, herbalist also will look into lifestyle choices, diet and support mechanisms (e.g. friends and family) that are in place.  They treat each person as an individual.  During the first consultation, they gain an understanding of the presenting problems as well as taking a full case history.  This includes understanding if there other on-going and past medical conditions, allergies, if the person is taking medication or other supplements and the individual’s general health. By doing this a full picture of the person is understood. You will then be treated as an individual, with a prescription design uniquely for you, with the aim to regulate and maintain your health as efficiently as possible.

Is there any illness that can’t be cured or treated by Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine never promises that it can heal all. However herbal medicine treats the person and not just the disease.  It can help to build up strength and the immune system to enable a sense of well being even if it can’t ‘cure or treat’ the illness.

What questions should I ask any herbalist before treatment commences?

The main questions that you need to ask any herbalist is what is their qualification and which governing body they are associated with?  Preferably they should hold a degree in herbal medicine. The reason for asking which governing body they are associated with is that each governing body has a standard of practice that a herbalist must achieve to become a member.  It will mean that you will be able to look up on the internet the governing body and you can ensure that the herbalist in question is registered.    Any good herbalist will be more than happy to answer the above questions and may even give you more information than you actually would want! In general, good herbalists are more than happy to answer any question that you have at any stage of your journey with them.

Is Herbal Medicine covered by my health insurance?

Coverage varies depending on your policy and the insurance company involved. You should consult your individual health insurance company to establish if you are covered under their plan.

As a parent, if my child is under 18 years old, would I be included in the treatment process?

Parents are always more than welcome in the consultation and would be included in the treatment if that is your wish to work with the herbalist to treat your child.  For the most part, you would need to administrate the prescription if your child was unable to do this for themselves or may require supervision.

I am pregnant and am interested in this option of treatment; would you be able to help me and is it safe for my baby?

Yes, I would be able to help. I would ensure that the treatment given is safe for you and for your baby.

If you have any questions please contact me and I am more than happy to answer them.

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