Tradition Herbal medicine offers many important herbs that can help conception to take place. If you are having issues conceiving than it is really is an option worth exploring. Herbal medicine in conjunction with nutritional changes can boost sub-prime fertility condition. A study in 2011 carried out in Australia reviewed a variety of fertility treatments amongst women who had been unable to conceive naturally. It determined that taking a holistic approach to the problem, which did include traditional Chinese herbs, was more effective than standard Western drug treatment of IVF.
As herbal medicine medicine treats the person and not just the problem, the approach is to treat any underlying health issues, ensuring overall physical well-being as well as dealing with the emotional stresses and strains that most couples experience when there is difficulty conceiving.

Common conditions that impact fertility are Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis which account for a large percentage of infertility cases, auto-immune problems and endocrine problems, quality of the egg and sperm can often be an issue, however, there are many cases which are often never really understood especially in people (particularly women) that are older.

However, if a couple need to go down the assisted route such as IVF, then herbal medicine can support them going through that process also, without interfering of the treatment.

I have experience of those who seek help to conceive naturally as well as those going through various assisted conception treatments. Both types of couples need to ensure their maximum health optimum as well as having emotional support.

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