Herbal Medicine can treat a wide variety of conditions.  It can be either a primary treatment or in conjunction with conventional medicine or other treatments.  Herbal Medicine is used for acute conditions and especially useful in chronic illness.  It can also improve the function of the non-diseased body by improving health, vitality, stamina and physical and mental performance.

Modern Western Herbal Medicine combines its long history of using plants to heal, together with comprehensive scientific research into plant efficacy to treat illnesses .  Medical Herbalists also have thorough medical training.  Herbal Medicine uses plants that are found locally and also plants from around the world which other traditions would use; such as those found in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine, African Traditional medicine, Aboriginal medicine and Traditional Native American medicine.

Who Can Benefit from Herbal Medicine?

People of all ages, from newborns to the elderly can profit from Herbal Medicine. Herbal Medicine can benefit everyone, through every stage of life (including pregnancy).

Those already receiving treatment from their doctor can also benefit and can be prescribed herbs that do not interact adversely with other medication.

There will be no hesitation to refer to the GP or other heath professional, if and when necessary.


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